USIU-Africa Alumni Association

The USIU-Africa Alumni Association was registered in 1990 by the Kenyan Registrar of Societies and has since amended its constitution in 2017 (Click here Constitution - USIU-Africa Website to download the revised USIU-Africa Alumni Constitution). Currently USIU-Africa has over 18,000 Alumni members. There exists a special relationship between the University and its Alumni.

The Alumni Association is founded on three key strategic pillars:

  • Governance: To establish guidelines and policies for the association, its interest groups and members.
  • Engagement: To use effective and sustainable engagement platforms to enrich the life of alumni, engage them fully in the life of the association and to enlist members as valued ambassadors who contribute to and benefit from connections with each other and their alma mater.
  • Benefits: To Seek and offer a wide array of benefits for both members and their families both within campus and externally from alumni providers and affiliate partners.

The USIU-Africa Alumni Association has partnered with the University in supporting students through colloquium talks, networking initiatives, fundraising activities, internships and Mentorship. Further, we are among the few alumni associations which are training alumni as mentors then integrate them in university sponsored and supported programs.

The Alumni Association’s Executive Committee works very closely with the Alumni Office (Secretariat) to:

  • Foster Alumni relationships with the University
  • Engage in Alumni events within and outside the University
  • Identify potential partnerships
  • Recognize our Alumni
  • Build and manage Alumni Database

The Alumni Association is governed by an Executive Committee whose membership is nine officials (click here to access roles and profiles of the Executive Committee Members); eight of the positions are democratically elective, while the ninth is held by an officer seconded to the Association by the University. Elections are held bi-annually through a secret ballot. The last elections were held in Feb 2020 (click here to access the contestants and results of the elections).

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